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I was hesitant to post this, but as I think about this latest murderous rampage in California, I am compelled to write out my thoughts, just try to straighten them out for myself.

A commonality in most of these horrible incidents is that the murderer has been taking, or has taken in the recent past, psychotropic drugs. Does this show that the drugs cause psychotic behavior, or that the person taking them had exhibited that behavior, thus causing the prescription? Or could it be that these drugs are unnecessarily prescribed and are causing the behavior? I'm not saying this lightly, because I take Wellbutrin for anxiety and depression myself. It has helped me more than I can say. I wouldn't want these drugs to be banned because some people who use them seem to have had a mental break.  Another common aspect in these crimes is that the perpetrators are often young people who are on psychotropic drugs, sometimes more than one at a time. Is it possible that an undeveloped and immat…

It's Tuesday!

It's been an exhausting week and it's only Tuesday morning! Last night we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a dinner here at the house. My in-laws and my dad, our little family and The Boy's girlfriend made it over. We had enchiladas, tacos and pico de gallo, as well as a homemade Tres Leches cake. It was very good, except that I forgot to put extra sauce in the enchis and they were pretty dry. Which was sad. Because I love enchiladas the best of all Mexican food and they were un-savable.

My dad is here from Indiana, which is good, we don't see each other too often. I'm off work, which is also good, because I was really needing a vacation. I was very sad to hear that one of my co-workers is battling a wildfire that burned 80 percent of his land. We had a fire at the power plant here in town yesterday. I still feel scarred from 2012, these fires are so scary.

Thank goodness it's a little cooler today than it has been the last three days. The weekend was pretty toa…

Internet Explorer and a Dream Board

I have been an Internet Explorer booster for years, but this whole Homeland Security thing just has finished me off. They need to scrap it and start over, because I truly NEED 3 different browsers on my computer for work, and I've always used IE for my personal stuff, so that I didn't have to constantly clear my cookies to look at websites and Google ranks. Sigh. Life, it does go on.

Have you ever had a Dream Board? You know, where you paste pictures of things you want to do someday, or goals that you have? I've not done one, but maybe that's what Pinterest is for these days. I really love Pinterest! In the spirit of the dream board, I am going to list some pictures of outfits and clothes that I will wear when I get in better shape:

1. Any tightish top with any kind of pants with a waistband just doesn't look good right now. I will wear things like this in the future!

2. I love these cowgirl Western shirts, but they don't look good with back fat. So this is s…