Internet Explorer and a Dream Board

I have been an Internet Explorer booster for years, but this whole Homeland Security thing just has finished me off. They need to scrap it and start over, because I truly NEED 3 different browsers on my computer for work, and I've always used IE for my personal stuff, so that I didn't have to constantly clear my cookies to look at websites and Google ranks. Sigh. Life, it does go on.

Have you ever had a Dream Board? You know, where you paste pictures of things you want to do someday, or goals that you have? I've not done one, but maybe that's what Pinterest is for these days. I really love Pinterest! In the spirit of the dream board, I am going to list some pictures of outfits and clothes that I will wear when I get in better shape:

1. Any tightish top with any kind of pants with a waistband just doesn't look good right now. I will wear things like this in the future!

2. I love these cowgirl Western shirts, but they don't look good with back fat. So this is something I'd really like to try:

3. I love the idea of cute shorts and cowboy boots:


and finally,

4. Just a bright summer top in a soft fabric that won't have any muffin-top to cling to.

This really is inspiring. I think it works!


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