It's Tuesday!

It's been an exhausting week and it's only Tuesday morning! Last night we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a dinner here at the house. My in-laws and my dad, our little family and The Boy's girlfriend made it over. We had enchiladas, tacos and pico de gallo, as well as a homemade Tres Leches cake. It was very good, except that I forgot to put extra sauce in the enchis and they were pretty dry. Which was sad. Because I love enchiladas the best of all Mexican food and they were un-savable.

My dad is here from Indiana, which is good, we don't see each other too often. I'm off work, which is also good, because I was really needing a vacation. I was very sad to hear that one of my co-workers is battling a wildfire that burned 80 percent of his land. We had a fire at the power plant here in town yesterday. I still feel scarred from 2012, these fires are so scary.

Thank goodness it's a little cooler today than it has been the last three days. The weekend was pretty toasty. Considering that I think 80 degrees is hot, I'm not up for summer! I am a Fall/Winter girl. Heat makes me turn red, bloat, get crabby and itchy. Not too attractive!

I hope you all are having a good week!


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