Frustrations Drag Us Down

First, I hope everyone had a nice Easter. We spent ours with family and it was great.

Now on to the main subject. Frustrations can and do arise all the time. From small ones like your pen running out of ink to large ones like the car not starting or a person close to you hurting your feelings. These sorts of frustrations can cause all kinds of problems on our way to health and happiness, like causing us to eat out of stress or go off on someone who doesn't deserve it, causing more issues on top of the original issues.

For example, this morning just as I started my workout, I got a call from someone who not only hurt my feelings, but also brought me a level of frustration. My first thought was, "Well, forget it. I'm too upset and stressed out to finish this workout, I'll just go take a shower and go to work." Then I thought, how will doing that help my life right now? Will not working out make me feel better emotionally or physically? Well, of course the answer is a big fat NO. So I finished the video and I do feel better. Another bonus is that working out for that time also helped me come up with a partial solution to the problem raised by the person on the phone.

I tend to lean towards physical laziness. It's always a work of will to go do something, such as grocery shopping or house work. I am not one of those energetic people (that I admire so much!) who are running around all happy getting stuff done. I do know that self-discipline is a lot like a muscle. The more you work it, the stronger it will get.

So today, I didn't eat the chocolate almond eggs and jelly beans left over from yesterday for breakfast, and I actually gathered up all the candy and put it away. Self-discipline is one thing, but no need to throw temptation in my face every time I go into the kitchen!

As I write, I am drinking my refreshing Chia Smoothie, and feeling a lot better about the direction of the day. I hope you will have a good day, too!


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