Book Review: If You Were Here by Jen Lancaster

If You Were HereIf You Were Here by Jen Lancaster
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I have read almost all of Jen Lancaster's books. She's close to my age, so her cultural references resonate with me. She's also a socially-liberal Conservative, which also resonates with me. I prefer her memoirs to her novels, but after a series of historical non-fiction, I was ready for a light reading break. This book delivers. Although I am not a famous writer of Amish Zombie Teen Romances, I am am married to a man who has a few similarities to "Mac", and have fallen down the rabbit pit of home repair on several occasions. Some of the material is very familiar, since it's based on the stories in "Jeneration X", her book about moving out of their house in the city out to the suburbs. It's a bit outlandish, but we're not reading Jen Lancaster's material for stark realism, people. There were parts that had me laughing out loud, and sighing in recognition. All in all, and enjoyable read. Don't pick this up if you are committed to Jen's biographical books, because it's not going to be the same.

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