Monday, Monday - A New Start Every Week

This weekend was busy. We took The Boy on a college visit on Friday, that went pretty well. Then on Saturday we went to a wedding. They had each table at the reception decorated with a different Disney movie theme. It was really cute. Ours was Snow White, we had a red glass apple, a black framed mirror and a basket a red apples surrounded by "jewels". I wish I had taken a photo for you, it was so creative. My daughter did take one of the two of us at the wedding.

In the midst of all that we watched 2 and half seasons of The Sopranos on the Xfinity Watchathon. SPOILER ALERT- if you haven't watched the Sopranos, and you want to, read no further!


Ok, so I freaking loved Adriana and I am SO MAD that they
killed her, and that it was Sil who did it. I wanted her to get away SO badly and I cried and cried. We probably watched too much, the scene where Johnny Sack dies really got to me. My mom, my grandma and both Grandpas died from lung disease- 3 from lung cancer and one from Emphysema. My mom used to say we had cancer in the family. I think we had smoking in the family. The amount of smoking on The Sopranos is horrible. I quit with the help of God 15 years ago. I'll tell you that story sometime.

They should do the Watchathon more often. I am a TV freak. I know this does not usually lead to better looks, as it mostly involves laying on the couch with a bowl of something snacky on my lap. Maybe with the summer coming on I'll slow down on the TV consumption.

Today, as part of my project of improvement, I worked out. I am a big fan of Gilad, who has been a fitness fixture for years and years. His workouts are good. You sweat, work those muscles and have fun, because Gilad is awesome. Here is a video of the kind of workout I did today, from his Total Body Sculpt plus series:

I feel very strongly about regular exercise, not for weight loss necessarily, but more for future ability to walk around and be healthy. I know senior adults who can hardly walk and have a ton of health issues, and a few that are in great shape because they continue to take walks and do other forms of exercise. I want to be able to get up and down stairs and not wear out so easily. So, even though I don't do it every day, I try for at least 4-5 days a week. Gilad's workouts make it less dreadful.

That's it for today.



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