It's Wednesday, and That's a Good Thing

I am very glad it's Wednesday, half-way done with the work week and on the downhill slide. Thursday always feels a bit exciting, like it's almost Friday! This ecard cracked me up, it's so true! Back when I weighed 130 pounds and wore a size 6, I thought I was pudgy. Sad, sad, sad!

So anyway, my small step today is actually from yesterday, but applied to today. Let me explain. last night I ate the frog and went grocery shopping. I was like a tornado, ripping through WalMart, filling my cart with food and other necessities. Since I was so glad to have forced myself to go out shopping after work, I treated myself to a new body wash and new toothpaste. I know, you're thinking, "Slow down, Annie, that kind of extravagance can become addictive!" I'll be careful, I promise.

Anyways, today I used my lovely new Aveeno body wash, which smells like peach and ginger, apparently. Whatever it is, it's very nice. I am pleased. It's mild and soothing. The toothpaste was really exciting because way back when, Crest had a paste that was flavored with vanilla mint that I loved, and then they discontinued it. Well, now they have the "Be" line, and it's got a vanilla mint. I LOVE IT. A bit pricey at $5.47 a tube, and of course I left my coupon at home, but it tastes so good. Also, it has hot pink writing, which. is. awesome. They also have mint chocolate and lime spearmint zest, which in intriguing. My new paste is call "Be Inspired", which caused The Boo (daughter) and I to chant "Be Inspired, be, be inspired" cheer-style as we went along the aisles. I was the only one that clapped the rhythm, she's way too sophisticated to do that.

Also, today some woman hit The Boo's car and then didn't exchange insurance info. LOSER. Fortunately there isn't too much damage, but really, a full grown adult person shouldn't take advantage of a teenager like that. Boo on you, lady!


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